DJ Plague – Oldschool Terror


Check out DJ Plague РOldschool Terror, a 1 hour mix now available on

An oldschool Terror mix by DJ Plague. Taking you back in time to the early days of Terror.

DJ Skinhead – Mutha Fucka (Strychnine Remix)
Sonic Overkill – Canario
Drokz & Tails – The Preacher
Tieum – French People Piss Me Off
Hellfish & The Producer – Serious Evil Shit Mission 3
Overcast – I Will Attack
The Shaftmen – Shaftman (Delta 9 Remix)
DOA & DJ Narotic – NYC Speedcore
Geoff Da Chef – Sledgehammer
Delta 9 – The Hate Tank
Delta 9 – Disco Inferno
Akira 101 – Get Up And Party
Nastenbluten – Cocksucker
The Shapeshifter – Fuck Shopping
The Shapeshifter – Infected (I Survived the 80s Mix)
Sonic Overkill – I’ll Be Watching You Die
Sonic Overkill – This Is Speedcore
The Speed Freak, Berzerker & Bazooka – Chop Chop
Gabba Front Berlin vs Rotello – The Berzerk